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17 Ogos 2017

Dec 8, 2011

Maybe I'm Just Another Rebound

Okayy. Blew me up cause i just broke the last entry of mine.
But what I care.
Do you ever care? Do you?
I think NOT.

I'm not the person you can just toy around.
I'm not the person that you can play when you have time.
And I'm most definitely not the person to be a rebound with.

You think this is all fun?
You think this is funny?
Well,it isnt.
I'm a human.Not a toy.
I have feelings.So do you.
But why are you acting like you don't have any?

If you ask me why I'm mad,
this is the answer:

I'm not a fucking rebound for your information.
And if you are upset about your ex,deal with it yourself.
Don't act like a child.
And certainly,when you are missing your girl,
don't find another girl to fill the emptiness in your heart.
By giving her your all.
Like you did to me.

All I want is someone that loves me truly.
Not a sad man like you !

But then,it really hurts you know.
FYI,I just want us to be friends.
And all the thing I've said to you,I've said it to other people as well.
Don't ever think that you are that special to me.

And please,let me be the last girl that you did this too.
I can't let anyone get hurt anymore.

Now I know what I want from you this time.
A proper goodbye.
Now that I have said that to you,I'm gonna be fine.

Till then,assalammualaikum :)

Note : Just ignore this entry and read this

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