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17 Ogos 2017

May 17, 2017

PPD part of Medicine

Hi there.

Assalammualaikum and a very good morning? 
Its 2am here. So yeah.

Yesterday(Monday) Ive just finished my End-Of-Module exam for neuroscience. Mind you, this is a 5 credit hour module. So you can just imagine how my life is. Hahahaha

Sometimes it got me thinking about how and why am I here? In this medic school. I've always see myself as a doctor up until now. But then, my PPD lecturer always say to us, 

"One day, you will feel like quitting medicine. Trust me. But what is it that makes you stay? What is your passion? What brought you here?"

And all those endless questions so that we really think about it this far. The air during PPD is always tense. I feel like i'm holding my breath or something. I like her. We all do. But her questions can sometimes makes you feel numb. Like all the words you knew before don't even exist. Her reaction towards your answer will make you as if you are the most unworthiest person on the earth. Seriously.

But again, we like her.

Because her questions and her advice really opened our eyes. We now can see beyond what is in front of us. We started to think more. And this time, faster. Give great answers so that she would not laugh at us. Feeling great about ourselves because that what defined us. She is just helping to shape us. Because PPD is not just Personal-Professional-Development that is the most easiest module up to the point that we don't have to study about it. But it is more than that. 

Its about developing ourselves and shaping us for the future. Making us prepare of what could lie ahead and execute plans to overcome our struggles. PPD is making us to be more than other.

By more, I mean astounding.

Actually, I dont want to talk about medicine that much. 

I have other things in mind. 

Things that are bothering me for these past few days. 

Oh well, maybe I can write about that in another post. 

Till then, 

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