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17 Ogos 2017

Jan 31, 2017

Random Thoughts

Lets face it. Everyone have secrets. 

There are soooo many stories that I wanted to tell. That I wanted to share. Although I want to tell everyone about it, I can't. I just can't.
Cause they wouldn't understand. 

They would say bad things about me. About them. About us

Who we arewhat we do and what we aim to do; would all appear bad in the eyes of those who don't understand. 

Crazy pieces of stories, that is. If I were to tell people, they would be in utter shock.

I think.

Or they would understand. Which is quite uncommon.

Thats why we only share among ourselves,understand ourselves.  

And thats the thing that is bugging me.

If I were to marry someone, I must tell him everything. He must know everything. Either that, or choose someone thats already in the circle. Where he will understand. Cause he's part of the team. 

Sad isnt it?

So when you said that you trusted me, it kinda breaks my heart.

Cause I know what I hold dear most in life. But I don't know how our stories will unfold. 

But I just hope, that I don't have to choose between you, and this path I took.

Cause I'm not good with choosing sides.

If we might, someday be together, I just hope from the deepest and bottom of my heart, that you would understand. And accepted me for who I have become.

Freaked out and got no idea of what Im talking about? 

Haha just forget about it. 

Cause this is just the beginning. I've got loads of stories in store for you and for others.

Or maybe I can write a book? And give it to you in the future? That would be great, isnt it? Hahaha

Remember to write me a letter, okay love?;)


See ya when I see ya 

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