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17 Ogos 2017

Jun 12, 2015

Stay Where You Are

Its amazing how in our dreams, everything seems so real.

When you're eating, you can taste it.
When you're running, you are exhausted.
Even when you're falling, you are scared 

Everything, just everything seems real.

Yesterday I'm dreaming that I'm walking on feet, on the grass. And it felt so real. The grasses felt alive on my feet. Almost magical, almost surreal.

But that is not the case.

I dreamt about you the other day. Well, there are other people too. But I just want to tell you this dream of mine. Cause I never imagine to tell you myself.

That day,you saw me, and I saw you too. You were walking with your friends when we met. Well, not exactly met. Cause we were steps apart. In my dream, I hope that you would go to me, or say hi or anything. And a part of me wants you to take a step forward, towards me. So, thats why I run. I run just in hope that you would run after me, to catch me. 

But you never did. You were standing in the same position, with your friends. Thinking in that very place on whether you should go after me, or stay with your friends. Not long after that, you walk away with them. On the opposite direction to where I ran.

I guess thats your answer. 

So pal, be sure to stay where you are. Don't make any steps towards me. Just don't.

Because someone who don't have the guts to even catch me, will never make it. 

As heartbroken I am in my dream, I'm also heartbroken in real life. 

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