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17 Ogos 2017

Oct 25, 2014

Not a love story

Perhaps I can tell you a story. About how a girl, meets her prince charming.

Well, he's not that charming, I might say. And he is of course not a prince. But he is something. He's the kind of person that everyone will love, maybe for his sense of humor and such. 

And she does not know if he's the one that she seeks. Neither do he, I suppose. And they are trying their best to take care of their relationship for the time being; and not wanting people to know is exactly what the girl wants. But honestly, she can't help but to give people a hint or two of what is going on. 

This is not a long story, if that is what you want. 

The girl don't even remember when is exactly the 1st time that she saw her prince. And she bets the boy do not know either. Lets just say, she 1st knew of his existence when her friend told her that the boy like her, which is years ago. 

Curiosity is the desire to know something. And that curiosity is what drives her towards the boy. She wants to know if the truth is really spoken from her friend.

So, the journey of seeking the truth remains until now. For she, is slowly falling for that boy...

Lets just hope that they will have a happy ending. 


"The best way to keep a relationship is to not talk about it"

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