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17 Ogos 2017

Feb 17, 2013


Hey there handsome

I like you. I really do. 
But I won't tell you to stop seeing any girl,
to stop flirting with anyone,
to not socialize,
to not spend time with your girl-friends
to not have anyone in your heart but me.

But I will tell you this:
Please take care, 
do your prayers well,
remember your religion,
and most of all
be the man that I've always known.
That kind-hearted man,
the man that jokes around and made people laughs
the man that care about his friends;
who would call and sing a song just to make them happy,
the man that work hard just to earn some money,
the man that did not want to trouble his parents,
the man this, the man that...

But then, I don't much about you am I?
To be able to know something about you,  would be great.

We didn't talk much.
And sometimes, we didn't talk at all. 

But I know you will be there,
and you always will be, 
in my heart.

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